Senior Portrait Hair and Makeup Session

Let me start off by saying, Renae is such a sweet girl. While in studio with Azure Photography and during Renae's hair and makeup session, we chatted about random things and of coarse makeup. She made me laugh with her light hearted jokes. Ultimately, she was a joy to work with.

For her senior portraits she wanted a natural makeup look that enhanced her beautiful features with her hair styled down with curls. The perfect look for any senior portrait session. 

Christie with Azure Photography, captured Renae in the heart of downtown Mckinney to start off. For the next location, Christie had a vision to bring out Renae's artistic side, while incorporating other elements of the outdoors and Frida, a well remembered painter from Mexico. Christie did just that, the pictures of Renae dressed as Frida are on point. I enjoyed bringing the Frida look to life through makeup artistry. 

Model in the making...

It was so much fun working in-studio with Azure Photography capturing this good looking guy. Not only does he look handsome in a suit, he knows how to pull off the casual look, too. Phillip has previously expressed to me that he would like to see what the modeling world may bring his way. With these images I think he may have a pretty good shot. 

If you are in need of hair and makeup for your model portfolio shoot, contact us today. 

(Quoted by Christie, with Azure Photography)

When Phillip and I started discussing some portfolio pieces, I was really excited to be able to have him in-studio for some different looks. We knew we wanted some casual and some more intense images, as well as some playful whimsy. We were honored to have Glam by Cass Marie on set with us for hair and makeup, as well as coordination. We were also fortunate to have our neighbors Harvest Seasonal Kitchen to provide some cocktails. 

We created a wonderful portfolio of work that Phillip will use for his modeling endeavors and will also be available for stock photography. We look forward to the next project. 

Makeup provided by Glam by Cass Marie

Glam by Cass Marie hair and makeup.jpg

Look at this beauty.....

Look at this beauty.......Alyssa wanted a "pink" toned makeup look that complemented her baby blue's for her senior session with Lauren Guy Photography. So I created the perfect "pink" toned makeup look for her. I always consult with each of my clients prior to their scheduled appointment, to find out what they like or dislike as far as makeup. It really helps me learn more about their comfort level, preferences, and personality, in order to create the perfect makeup look for each of them. 

Photography by:

Mckinney Makeup Artist.jpg


I had the pleasure of glamming a few of these beauties for their ROLEmodel shoot with Corrie Barto Photography. Corrie had a vision for this years photo shoot, which she really capitalized on "Sequence and Glam". Each of the girls had their individually hand picked sequence outfit, along with their makeup done by me. Each girl received a custom makeup look to match their individual outfit. The shoot took place in Downtown Dallas at SkyHouse Dallas. The SkyHouse Dallas is a beautiful urban upscale apartment high rise that has amazing views of downtown with sophisticated living. I was super excited and honored to be a part of such a sweet group of girls and a fun photo shoot.

Do you have chapped lips?

As the weather changes so does our skin. If you are like me, you lick your lips far more than you should. Whether it’s out of habit or because they are slightly chapped, it happens.  As we transition into spring from winter, we should spend some extra time pampering our skin. Exfoliating and moisturizing are a must in combating dry skin.  Exfoliating helps shed dead skin cells and moisturizing helps replenish and revive the skin for healthy turn over. The two exfoliating products I use for my lips are, Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant and Lush Cosmetics Bubble Gum Scrub.

Both work extremely well. Here are the descriptions of each product:

Tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant -A skin-softening scrub that sloughs away dryness with raw sugar and replenishes with pure maracuja oil for soft, smooth lips. This powerful resurfacing lip scrub exfoliates lips, then provides instant hydration—quenching without a greasy feel. The raw sugar granules are suspended in the soothing, balmy elixir of antioxidants and vitamin C, acting as a natural exfoliator to rid the dead cells that cause lips to chap and crack. As lips are exfoliated, maracuja oil simultaneously promotes hydration, cell recovery, and surface rejuvenation. Lips are left noticeably revitalized, fuller, and kissed with a hint of refreshing mint.

Lush Cosmetics Bubble Gum Scrub- Pink cotton candy scrub, our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating fair trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave those kissers enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the delicious excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish.

I would recommend exfoliating your lips at least once a week regardless if they are chapped. In addition, it will help your lipstick go on smoother. Exfoliating can easily be added to your skin care regimen. However, always remember any time you exfoliate your skin, you must hydrate. I am very picky when it comes to a lip balm and use Blistex Medicated Lip Balm. That is the only lip balm that works best for me. There are many options on the market to try if you have not found one that works for you. Some other brands to try are, Chapstick, EOS, and Burt's Bee's. 


Hi beauties. I wanted to share with you a cost effective drug store foundation I am loving right now. I always love trying new foundations, however, I am picky about what I want in a foundation. One being coverage, two being light weight, three long lasting, and oil free. L'oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation is amazing. You seriously have the best of both worlds, low cost and looks flawless on.  It is a matte finish foundation, so if you have extremely dry skin I would not recommend this foundation for your skin type. It's perfect for combination to normal skin types. 

One of my clients whom I was doing her makeup for homecoming had asked me about foundations and if I would recommend one that wasn't too expensive. That is when I mentioned L'oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation to her. I explained to her the benefits of this foundation and she was ecstatic about purchasing it for herself. She really loved the flawless look it gave her skin after application. 

 Loreal Paris you really out did it with this foundation. 

Application recommendations: apply an oil-free moisturizer to your clean face, once it has dried apply a primer all over your face or just in your T-zone. Than take a damp or dry beauty blender to apply the foundation, ensure to blend to make sure you apply evenly. 

Makeup Tip

There are so many makeup tips out there, however I feel that is an important one to share with all you lovelies. It's easy and one to incorporate into your makeup routine as needed. I use a big fluffy makeup brush by Sigma Beauty, F30 Large Powder Brush. It's perfect for lightly dusting off any makeup fallout or brush hairs. 


Hello lovlies. I wanted to share with you my skin care routine, which I have changed slightly and it is really working out well. As you know, flawless makeup starts with clear healthy skin. I cannot begin to tell you how important it is to take exceptional care of your skin. Remembering to wear a SPF 25 or higher daily moisturizer during these hot sunny Texas days is just a starting point. Your skin needs moisture. Drinking enough water throughout the day will achieve a healthier dewy look along with combating dry skin. At the end of the day, we all know water is important and has many benefits for our bodies. I start and end my day with washing my face with a gentle cleanser. Since I have sensitive skin, I really like Cetiphil Daily Cleanser it leaves my skin clean and feeling fresh combined with my Clarisonic. I recommend using a Clarisonic daily as it cleanses deep into your pores and works hand in hand with your daily cleanser. The toner I use is truly amazing. I have tried a few different toners before falling in love with this one by, Peter Thomas Roth. I have recommended it to a couple clients and they too have said, "they really fell in love with it". It is a bit pricey but lasts a while. My all time favorite exfoliant is by, Lush called "Sea Salt". If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do. This exfoliant made of some natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin. I exfoliate my skin a few times a week. At my age, I still have the occasional pimple or breakout. As soon as one pops up, I apply Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I recommend applying it to your breakout before bed and sleeping with it. The longer it stays on your pimple the longer the drying power you get. Before you know it, your pimple will be diminished. I also incorporate a clay mask once a week. I use Indian Healing Clay Mask, which helps with deep pore cleansing. While this mask is drying on the surface of your face you can feel it tighten. It's a slightly strange feeling at first, but you will get used to it after a couple uses. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. Every night after I clean my face I apply Kate Somerville Retinol Night Cream. Now that I am in my 30's, I have seen some fine lines surface. I think every woman over the age of 25 should consider incorporating an anti-aging cream, which will help lesson the fine lines as you age. Most importantly, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your skin will THANK YOU! Lastly, I recommend visiting an aesthetician at least once a month for a deep cleansing facial which can consist of extractions. Links to products I have mentioned below. Leave comments: if you have any questions about my skin care routine or about these beauty products. **These products work for me, however, may not work for you and your skin type.  

Lush Cosmetics,en_US,pd.html#q=scrub&start=11

Peter Thomas Roth SPF Moisturizer


Peter Thomas Roth Toner

Kate Somerville

Cetaphil Gental Cleanser

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Indian Healing Mask


Makeup Tip

There are so many makeup tips and tricks, however I feel this one is important for any avid eye makeup wearer. Especially to help avoid a melt down of eyeshadow during these hot summer days.

How makeup can transform ones' physical look

Did you see the article last week posted on, titled "Photos That Prove How Much Makeup Can Completely Transform People"?  If so, than you already have seen the before and after photos posted by other makeup artists. It's amazing to see each transformation these woman went through with the application of makeup. I absolutely love seeing before and after photos, it continues to inspire me. As a makeup artist I know that I have the capability to transform not only myself, but my clients as well. Whether its a little transformation, by adding false lashes that can create a bold eye look. To a more dramatic look, by giving the illusion of a changed bone structure through the application of highlighting and contouring. There are many tricks you can do whether your an avid wear of makeup or a makeup artist, to enhance or alter ones already beautiful features. If you are interested in learning about different makeup tricks and tips contact me today to book a private makeup lesson, 480.695.7356. 

Here are a few photos that were included on

Did you hear all the fashion craze about the Met Gala?

I have to say, so many of these influential woman in fashion looked gorgeous from their dresses, to hair and makeup. The one person who stuck out the most to me was Gigi Hadid, definitely my favorite. She has always been beautiful regardless, however, her makeup was looking mighty glamorous at the Met Gala. Her makeup artist did an amazing job on bringing out her already beautiful features but also giving her just enough "glam" to tie her makeup look all together with her stunning dress. Harper Bazaar online described Gigi's makeup look, as natural with an added pink and deep coral blush. Remember, a little makeup can go a long way especially in Gigi's makeup look seen in this picture below. She's absolutely gorgeous. 


1.     Makeup primer is applied before your foundation application. Depending on the primer you are using, you may not need to use moisturizer. Some primers serve as a moisturizer and primer all in one. However, not all do.

2.     The main benefit of using a makeup primer is to seal your pores and minimizes fine lines. If you have large pores it helps fill them in, so when you apply your foundation it minimizes the “look” of your pores and fine lines beneath. 

3.     Other benefits are; it softens your skin while leaving your skin feeling velvety and smooth like. It also leaves your foundation looking flawless.  In addition; your makeup will stay put longer and  sweating through your pores decreases throughout the day.

My two favorite primers are Smashbox Photo Finish and  Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre.

Thanks lovelies!!! Leave comments below if you have any questions or would like to hear about other makeup tips. 


Makeup Brush Sanitation and Brush Cleaning

Makeup Brush Sanitation and Cleaning:

I have decided to write about this topic, as it is important to know how to deep clean your makeup brushes correctly to ensure cleanliness, prolong the longevity, and prevent breakouts caused by makeup buildup. There are a ton of brush cleaners out on the market you could use. However, I am only going to talk about what I use and what works best for me. I recommend deep cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. Ladies… there is nothing better than applying makeup with clean brushes! 

Start by washing your brushes with a gentle cleanser. The one I use is Cetaphil, which can be purchased at any grocery or drug store. Add a little drop of olive oil to your cleanser, to condition your brushes while the cleaner breaks down all the makeup build up. A little trick I do is to put both the cleanser and olive oil mixture onto a paper plate first, then dab your brushes into the mixture. I recommend using a Spa Mat or Spa Glove from to clean your brushes. These two do wonders for cleaning and getting in between each brush hair. Then rinse your brushes thoroughly with water to ensure the cleanser has been fully removed. 

After repeating the previous step in cleaning every brush, now they are ready to dry.  However, never set your brushes down on a flat surface to dry! This is a big misconception that most people do. Doing so, will trap all the left over water and bacteria in the metal part of the brush. Bacteria will start to grow, eat away at the glue that holds your brush hairs, and may cause breakouts. There are a couple options to choose from when drying your makeup brushes. First option is to purchase a “Brush Washer and Drying Rack” from your local arts and crafts store. This brush drying rack is inexpensive and gets the job done! Second option, which is a little higher of a price point, is the “Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree” this can be purchased through If you end up purchasing the Brush Tree, remember to place something under it in order to catch any water that drips from your brushes. Keep in mind to always place brushes, brush side facing down. This will allow any remaining water to drip out properly during the drying process. 

The above method is for deep cleaning only. As a reminder, you should do this once a week.

For a quick clean and everyday method, use your makeup brush cleaner such as Mac Cosmetics brush cleanser, Cinema Secrets brush cleanser, or Nurturing Force brush cleanser to name a few.  Each of these products will clean, disinfect, and condition your makeup brushes. This is a perfect way to clean them in between your "once a week deep clean".

I would love to hear from you ladies, what products you use to clean your makeup brushes!