Makeup Brush Sanitation and Brush Cleaning

Makeup Brush Sanitation and Cleaning:

I have decided to write about this topic, as it is important to know how to deep clean your makeup brushes correctly to ensure cleanliness, prolong the longevity, and prevent breakouts caused by makeup buildup. There are a ton of brush cleaners out on the market you could use. However, I am only going to talk about what I use and what works best for me. I recommend deep cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. Ladies… there is nothing better than applying makeup with clean brushes! 

Start by washing your brushes with a gentle cleanser. The one I use is Cetaphil, which can be purchased at any grocery or drug store. Add a little drop of olive oil to your cleanser, to condition your brushes while the cleaner breaks down all the makeup build up. A little trick I do is to put both the cleanser and olive oil mixture onto a paper plate first, then dab your brushes into the mixture. I recommend using a Spa Mat or Spa Glove from to clean your brushes. These two do wonders for cleaning and getting in between each brush hair. Then rinse your brushes thoroughly with water to ensure the cleanser has been fully removed. 

After repeating the previous step in cleaning every brush, now they are ready to dry.  However, never set your brushes down on a flat surface to dry! This is a big misconception that most people do. Doing so, will trap all the left over water and bacteria in the metal part of the brush. Bacteria will start to grow, eat away at the glue that holds your brush hairs, and may cause breakouts. There are a couple options to choose from when drying your makeup brushes. First option is to purchase a “Brush Washer and Drying Rack” from your local arts and crafts store. This brush drying rack is inexpensive and gets the job done! Second option, which is a little higher of a price point, is the “Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree” this can be purchased through If you end up purchasing the Brush Tree, remember to place something under it in order to catch any water that drips from your brushes. Keep in mind to always place brushes, brush side facing down. This will allow any remaining water to drip out properly during the drying process. 

The above method is for deep cleaning only. As a reminder, you should do this once a week.

For a quick clean and everyday method, use your makeup brush cleaner such as Mac Cosmetics brush cleanser, Cinema Secrets brush cleanser, or Nurturing Force brush cleanser to name a few.  Each of these products will clean, disinfect, and condition your makeup brushes. This is a perfect way to clean them in between your "once a week deep clean".

I would love to hear from you ladies, what products you use to clean your makeup brushes!